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Advanced Payroll Solutions is a recognized leader in providing payroll for small to medium sized businesses.  We have made payday easier for hundreds of employers and we would like to make it easier for you too.  We offer full service payroll, payroll tax filing, direct deposit and timekeeping services. We offer online payroll processing and 24 hour access to your payroll data via “PlatinumPay”.  By moving forward with Advanced Payroll Solutions, you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.  Contact us.  Or call (251) 626.0099.

Our mission is to provide the highest degree of accuracy, world class customer service and to have your payroll ready when promised each and every pay period.  ~John Bridges, Vice President

Timekeeping Systems

Our clients no longer have to punch a card or rent expensive timekeeping equipment.

Timekeeping Solutions

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Employee Self-Service

With Employee Self-Service the paystubs are electronically delivered to employees via a secure online portal. ESS also enables the employees to answer many of their own payroll and HR questions. They can view and print their pay stubs, view their vacation balances and view benefits.

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PlatinumPay / PlatinumPay Xpress is the premiere Payroll, Human Resources, and Time & Attendance service on the web. The PlatinumPay Suite is a robust, integrated suite of applications for all your payroll and HR requirements.

Platinum Pay Xpress

Platinum Pay